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Ohana Cigars was started by Ryan Rodriguez with help from his father Frank in April 2014. Ohana, which stands for “family,” in Hawaiian, truly embraces that meaning.

Being owned by a father and son, as well as using this meaning to describe cigar smokers as a whole, being that, when in a cigar shop or lounge, we find company and friends of all walks of life, all ages, that might likely never get along in any other setting, can talk about their “love of the leaf” as well as anything else, creating a bond, which we refer to as “Ohana.”

Come along with us for an adventure like no other in the cigar industry, as we bring you some of the best cigars, and offering you a place in our “Ohana.”

Our Cigars

Ohana Pulse Maduro

Ohana M13

Ohana Toasted Marshmallows

Left Hand Lefthander

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